3K & 4K Program

Our 3K & 4K program offers small classes which enable the teacher to provide the time and attention necessary for each individual child. We offer exposure to all the skills necessary for optimum development and future success. An in-depth and focused curriculum allows children to expand their cognitive, physical, social and emotional skills in preparation for kindergarten.

Our 3K & 4K program offers:

  • Small classes (8-12 children)
  • Highly engaging learning environment
  • Variety of hands on learning materials
  • Hot lunches and snacks
  • Outdoor free-play
  • Transportation for after-schoolers and field trips throughout the year


Children will learn both fine and gross motor skills, taught geography, mathmatics, language, reading, writing, zoology, Oceanography, and practical life skills all while encouraging independance. The children will take part in arts and crafts, worksheets, as well as other creative activities. Everything designed to provided a complete educational program to enhance the enjoyment for your child’s learning experience.

• Letter of the day• Shapes
• Color of the day• Science projects
• Seasonal Fun• Numbers
• Food Study/Nutrition• Animal study
• Community workers• Matching
• Opposites• Home environment
• Self study• Safety and more!